About Us

At CTA, we pride ourselves on High Performance design solutions. It is the product of uniting talent, passion and expertise with the company’s mission; developing integrated teams of top notch architects, designers, engineers, interior designers, landscape architects, project managers and visionaries working together in creating a pinnacle of both form and function.

High Performance is the dedication to the art and craft of intelligent, intuitive design to make the client’s wishes and dreams take shape and flourish. It is a mindset, as well as a set of actions, that pushes us to be better, and bolder, in everything we do.

More than that, our approach is the integration of state-of-the-art technology, materials and practices coupled with a flair for the unexpected. It defines the way that we look at projects, by mandating that what is realized not only satisfies client expectations, but exceeds them to the highest degree possible.

Extending into our everyday interactions with both clients and vendors, High Performance is a measure by which we hold ourselves accountable for every promise made and a mechanism for us to step back and evaluate our work and ourselves.


We recognize and celebrate the many relationships that occur and are maintained throughout the course of creating dynamic environmental spaces. From the initial meeting, to the final reveal of any project, the ever-present interactions between clients, designers and building professionals comprise what we commonly refer to as, The Experience.

In short, The Experience is the essence of every point of contact and every nuance associated with CTA. The longer version is that it is the embodiment of everything we communicate, via every touch point possible, through consistent and continual assessments and improvements of our interactions. It is a means by which we attempt to weigh even the smallest moments and make any client relationship with CTA both rewarding and fun. Our design professionals work with a holistic approach, starting with our clients’ own creative thoughts. We look at the technological potentials of a project and fuse them with imagination and inspiration, with an end goal of providing a sense of awe and wonder.