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SCCAC an ‘exceptional’ new rodeo, livestock facility for northeast Wyoming

The Southern Campbell County Agriculture Complex (SCCAC) is a multi-phased project that sits on approximately 88 acres outside of Wright, WY. The first phase included an outdoor rodeo arena — complete with an elevated announcer’s booth and arena lighting, (16) 12,000 sq. ft. long-term boarding pens for various farm animals, and associated utilities to accommodate all phases. The second phase included a 64,350 sq. ft. indoor arena with seating, concessions, restrooms, and office space. Future phases will incorporate RV accommodations, overnight boarding pens, and additional long-term rental pens.

This was a very unique project mainly due to the fact the functions all revolved around animals and livestock — not the typical CTA project program. We were fortunate to be selected by a client (the Town of Wright) that had done its homework. Through feasibility studies and community input, they had zoned in on what they wanted and what would be economically viable in the region. This set the groundwork for us to be able to help solidify their master plan, and move into the design and construction phases relatively quickly.

CTA_project_SouthernCampbellCountyAgricultureComplex (2)From the Tri-State Livestock News:

According to manager Max Davis, it’s all systems go at the new facility at Wright, Wyoming. The facility was used in July to host the American Calf Roping qualifier then was closed again to put the finishing touches on the building. “That place is amazing. They sure took time and designed it right,” said calf roper Dane Kissack, Spearfish, South Dakota. “You can tell that they spent a lot of time with people who know to make it very user-friendly.”

The ventilation system is something that Davis is particularly pleased with, saying “When it’s in the 90 degree range outside, the ventilation inside keeps it pretty tolerable. It also keeps the humidity down. With the watering of the arena and the condensation from horses and people, it could get pretty damp inside, but not with the ventilation system we’re using.”

Kissack agrees, “It was really hot the day of the roping and the way the fans and stuff were running it was very pleasant inside. It was just exceptional.”

This exciting addition to the region should thrive, what with all of the activities that are simply overflowing other regional facilities. The bold move by the city of Wright and Campbell County in building the Agriculture Complex should draw people from near and far and serve the community well for many years to come.


This project was a case study on choosing function over form; generally, there was more concern about the composition of the arena footing (dirt) over the aesthetics of the building. Contrary to typical assumptions of simply being “a bunch of fencing with a big barn,” there were many considerations and challenges that arose for most all of the team — everything from learning the intricacies of how rodeo equipment works and how it affects layout, to mitigating high humidity levels generated from animals and watering the arena, to understanding all the intended events and organizing the facility to accommodate them all.

SCACC illustrates that proper investigation and planning are valuable no matter what is the function of a facility. Initial feedback we have received indicates our team’s invested forethought has been recognized and highly appreciated by the end-users. Helping CTA clients achieve their goals is ultimately the basis of our mission. Keeping this in mind throughout the process helped ensure success for the project.

CTA’s project team included:

  • Project Manager: Karl DeCock
  • Project Architect/Assistant PM: Kevin Nelson
  • Architectural: Mallory Johnson
  • Mechanical: Allyn Jorgenson, Mike Nitschke
  • Plumbing: Erik Kulbeck, Mike Nitschke
  • Electrical: Troy Kinkade, James Sanderson, Gary Glassing
  • Fire Protection: Mark Schaff, Roger Wheat
  • Structural: Dane Jorgenson, Trent Schwartzkopf