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Picnicking with CTA Great Falls

The team from CTA Great Falls met up last week after work for the office’s first annual summer picnic, a tradition that is sure to continue based on how much fun everyone had! Team members, their spouses, and their kids had a great time at this event that was designed to help the team connect, relax, and enjoy a night out.

Everyone converged on Black Eagle Park overlooking the Missouri River on a breezy weeknight. Kids enjoyed a bouncy castle, slides, and games; and after dinner, impromptu volleyball, football, and Frisbee sprung up and lasted well into the night.

New and seasoned CTA staff enjoyed the relaxed summer evening picnic that allowed them to chat with colleagues and spouses, and enjoyed letting their kids have fun in the family-focused setting.

After talking to some of the attendees, a few highlights stood out afterward:

  • Seattle-based business development rep Chris Aageson happened to be in Great Falls on his way to the Helena office, so he got to join in the festivities.
  • Admin assistant Kristy Rankin really liked seeing the smiles on the kids’ faces. There was an inflatable bouncy castle the kids LOVED and played on so much it began deflating. The dads didn’t seem too concerned, but a bunch of the moms ran over to get the kids out, and our CIH, Keith Cron (who set the castle up), went over, plugged it back in, and re-inflated it. Problem solved!
  • Later in the evening, a couple of kids that live across the street came over and asked if they could pay $1 to play in the castle, but despite being a shrewd members of the accounting team, Julie McHenry let them play for free.
  • ALL the guys LOVED the food; we had Buffalo Wild Wings cater, and there was a wing buffet with who knows how many sauces (Six? Seven? It was a lot!). The food went fast and leftovers, which included cheesecake bites, were brought in the next day for lunch.
  • Environmental engineer Alan Frohberg liked that he was able to play a few games of volleyball with his kids, and noted that “Team Frohberg” dominated on the court.
  • What I personally liked about the event was that it was just a fun night and a great way to unwind with colleagues. Ryan Meyers’ girlfriend gave birth to their son in November, Casey Huffman’s wife gave birth to their son in March, and I had my first baby (a boy with my husband, CTA mechanical designer Greg Hayden) in February — so on a personal level, it was fun seeing all the newest additions to the CTA family in one place.

The event was planned as a way to thank CTA Great Falls team members for their hard work and dedication. Recently, the staff has put in long hours on projects large and small including the Montana Tech Natural Resource Research Center, the MANG C130 conversion project, the NorthWestern Energy Headquarters in Butte, MT, and several Environmental Services projects. CTA’s Great Falls office is staffed with professionals that are dedicated to the success of their clients’ projects, and hosting a picnic to thank everyone for their service and hard work was appreciated, and enjoyed by all.

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