Billings team members support local students, volunteer at STEM event

On Nov. 14, Hollie Mellgren, Kevin Feldman, and I, all from from CTA Billings, volunteered at the very first STEM Billings Saturday event, geared towards getting elementary school students interested in science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM). Over 100 students took part in one of three hands-on activities, presentations, and learning about flight!

Our team helped with the lunar lander activity where kids created a design out of a paper cup, straws, tape, small marshmallows, and index cards that would keep their big marshmallow astronauts inside the cup when dropped from a height. From stacks of straws to fins to legs, everyone had different ideas, tested them, and revised their designs while increasing the drop height. Some kids even advanced to the stairway to drop their landers — and succeeded!

The next STEM Saturday event, scheduled for Feb. 20, 2016, will be about engineering. For more information about this and other events:

Main image: Allyn Jorgensen, Hollie Mellgren, and Kevin Feldman of CTA Billings

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