Mountain West Bank – Meridian Financial Center
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Missoula Federal Credit Union – Main/Southside Branch
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Dick Anderson Construction – Billings Office
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With project teams that actively specialize in Corporate, Financial, Industrial, Multi-Family, and Sport projects, CTA’s Commercial Group closely tracks – and often sets – real estate trends. By maintaining accurate documents, offering a multitude of delivery methods, and assisting with obtaining financing and clearing jurisdictional hurdles, CTA shortens our clients’ time to market. We listen closely and interact frequently with our clients in order to understand their needs and provide solutions.

Corporate Interiors

Optimally designed spaces benefit companies as a recruiting tool: by showcasing company culture, increasing productivity and retention, inspiring emotional brand connections, and attracting new clientele. From overall theme, to furniture, to accents created by texture and lighting, CTA’s interiors team designs with vision, detail and a sense of fun. Our expertise centers around improving life through innovative and efficient design – for professional staff, their customers, and anyone else who comes into contact with a workspace.

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Members of CTA’s financial team are masters at crafting designs that blend institutions’ unique, branded identities with the existing aesthetics of their communities. Just as importantly, they seek to create rich, comfortable work environments for employees, and superior banking experiences for clientele – both now and in the future. Our expertise in this sector centers around improving the lives of financial professionals and customers through innovative and efficient design. This approach has cultivated longstanding industry relationships which have translated into CTA’s completion of more than $115 million in financial design construction since 2000.

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CTA Industrial designs promote safe practices, inside and out. The true value is added in our ability to help expedite the process throughout design, permitting, and construction. With the experience necessary to understand the priorities of all interested parties – including owners, builders, and authorities – CTA designers create efficient, secure, and flexibly-engineered structures at the necessary speed of industry. Our strength in this sector involves improving the lives and safety of everyone that works in and around industrial spaces, by creating innovative and efficient designs.



In numerous cities, suburban living is declining, with many – ranging from young professionals to baby boomers – preferring to now live in rented environments central to work, food, and fun. CTA designers achieve successful multi-family structures by understanding and helping guide these trends; and by generating designs for thoughtfully laid out, long-lasting, multi-family micro-communities. Through innovative and efficient design, our goal of improving the lives of everyone that lives in, works near, or visits these multi-family communities is realized.



Like athletics, which blend healthy living, social interaction, and competition, CTA’s Sport designs are many things in one. Beyond the promotion of wellness, CTA designers create spaces that are kinetic and exciting – appealing to both the body and mind. From spectator venues to modular gym space to studios, our cost-conscious team delivers community rallying points that are comfortable, efficient, and highly durable. Our expertise in this sector centers around improving the lives of both gym and sports venue proprietors, and the community members that utilize them.


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