CTA IN THE NEWS: New Missoula Stockman Bank aims to be state’s greenest commercial building

From missoulian.com:

The new six-story Stockman Bank in downtown Missoula will be the most environmentally friendly commercial building in Montana, the lead architect says. Mike Tuss, a principal architect at CTA Architects in Billings who is working on the design, told the Missoula Redevelopment Agency on Thursday that his goal is for the bank to be the first LEED V4 Platinum-certified building in the state.

“We are very concerned about it being sustainable,” Tuss explained. “We have talked in terms of being LEED Gold, but I’m kind of nudging Stockman and I think we can do LEED Platinum, so we’re going to up the game a little bit. I think we are going to do Platinum.”


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