Host as client: ‘Rewarding’ opportunity to renovate longtime CTA party venue


This capsule on the Fairmont website calls attention to the renovations.

Making office holiday parties exciting is always challenging, so one year, the Missoula team decided that rather than sitting around dinner tables at a local restaurant chatting it up, we would rent a cabin, light a bonfire, have a sleigh ride… and recruit a Santa to distribute presents to the kiddos. A great time was had by all, but over the years, our office grew and the cabin became too small. We found a larger venue at a nearby resort and since we had more than enough room, we invited our newly established Kalispell office to join in the fun. Again, a great time was had by all, but both of our offices continued to grow and the resort became too small. (This is beginning to sound like the story of Goldilocks.)

We searched for an even larger venue and that’s when we decided to try Fairmont Hot Springs Resort in Anaconda, MT. What could be more fun than a day of skiing followed by a great dinner, drinks, dancing and HOT SPRINGS? Feeling guilty, we began to invite every office, and soon it became the annual CTA Family Party. Members of the firm have now been making an annual trek there since 2004 (though we may have missed a year or two due to the recession).

A few photos from past Family Parties at Fairmont:

Our minds were on having fun and meeting our CTA family face-to-face; nobody was thinking about marketing — except CTA Missoula’s business development specialist Randy Rupert. In 2010, Randy began making inquiries about Fairmont’s remodeling and expansion plans. His efforts paid off and we have been working with them since 2012. Our work has included everything from interior remodeling to the expansion of their conference center and roof repair consulting for their covered pool. The relationship is going very well and we expect the work to continue as they are committed to additional improvements.

The owner took pictures throughout the construction process for the conference center addition and created this time-lapse video:

YouTube Preview Image

From Shane Jacobs, design architect:

Partnering with a client like Fairmont Hot Springs Resort is exciting, especially for those of us that have childhood memories of the resort or even new memories from recent company parties. CTA has been afforded the unique opportunity to augment and preserve a place that I’ve personally enjoyed for over 30 years.

Our initial work included a simple facelift of the indoor pool that was largely interior design-focused. That work led to a very technical re-roof project of the same space that demanded the expertise of CTA’s Building Envelope group. Proving we could fulfill both the artistic and technical aspects of the projects, we were asked to develop concepts for expansion and renovation of their conference amenities.  After working closely to develop a preferred scheme that met their program, budget, schedule, and desire to keep their existing facility functional during construction, we celebrated the opening of their conference facility this summer. With that work complete, we’ve recently been asked to take our design momentum into their main hall and dining areas.

It’s rewarding to keep bringing the team back together to serve this client and their patrons. Our team looks forward to future opportunities to bring our many services and talents to Fairmont’s property in order to help create countless more memories for a new generation.

The Fairmont project team includes:

  • Kent Bray, Principal-in-Charge
  • Jesse Vigil, Project Manager
  • Shane Jacobs, Design Architect
  • Jake Zander, Construction Administration
  • Catherine Schwarz, Interior Design
  • Meghan McMahon, Landscape Architecture
  • Jacob Mortensen, Mechanical Engineering
  • Ron McLean, Plumbing
  • Alan Bronec, Electrical Engineering
  • Walt Smith, Civil Engineering

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