Kent Bray, AIA, LEED AP


Kent Bray believes that a successful building is one that combines aesthetic quality with optimum performance. His passion for design and understanding of building science is what drives him as the leader of CTA’s Building Science Group.

CTA’s measure of success is constantly moving, whether through regulation or market forces; what was acceptable yesterday is not going to work tomorrow. Today’s buildings are a marriage of complex system components aimed to meet client expectations. To that end, Kent encourages his team to be knowledgeable of new materials, codes and discoveries in building science and their synergies so that we can assist in the design and detailing of new buildings as well as the de-engineering of those designs that have failed. Collaboration, knowledge and respect are key elements in making this work, and that is what Kent fosters.

Kent has over 35 years of experience and has been with CTA since 1992. He received his Bachelor of Science and Masters in Architecture from Montana State University. His commitment to his community is evidenced in the number of local and state boards on which he has served and projects he has assisted in bringing to fruition.

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