12-courtroom United States Courthouse in Jackson MS



The new $121,000,000, is a shining example of how our specialized Justice Design Services can successfully integrate modern Audiovisual technology seamlessly into the architect’s vision. We take pride in the extra attention we take to not only what technology is employed, but how it is to fit into a space so that it does not detract from the decorum needed when Federal Justice is at work.

Many high quality buildings such as this are built with an expectation of 30 years before building renovations are made. Judicial Technology will evolve several generations in that time, so scalability without General Construction intervention is an expectation. We excel at this level of planning since we have over 25years of experience within this vertical segment.

We also provided: Audiovisual Concept, Long-Range Planning & Scalability Study, Audiovisual Design, Specification Authoring, Bid Management, Audiovisual Construction Administration and System Commissioning