The design process for Dick Anderson Construction’s new building in Billings, MT, differed greatly from the typical client/architect experience. DAC is an agency that constructs buildings for a living, which altered the traditional dynamic; the process resulted in a modified CMAR, where the contractor was actually the client. While budgetary concerns are a constant for any client, DAC was confident they could accomplish something special with this project. The desire to explore unique design solutions ranged from envelope to volumetric massing. The final design incorporates SIP panel exterior walls and roofs to take advantage of the modular plan and overall improvements in energy performance.

The massing was developed around ideas of daylighting, collaboration, and openness. Though the feeling of openness was a design goal, private offices were also required. A dichotomy of private openness resulted in an interior space which has the appearance of being completely open yet is acoustically separated by glazed office fronts. The center portion of the building is elevated to highlight the collaborative core of the building. Lifting the roof of the central space welcomes diffuse daylight, while creating a great space to come together with clients and colleagues.