The MetaGeek project is the result of a design process that includes a collection of specific design ideas. The office provides its employees a variety and choice of work spaces. This includes primary work areas (offices and teaming workstations); secondary work areas, (a library, town hall-café, and meeting pods); and tertiary work areas (booth, lounge, and bar seating clusters).

The office’s design provides employees a balance of “open” and “closed” spaces, addressing the needs of both introverted and extroverted individuals. The design of the office’s space program recognizes that “work happens” and uses the water cooler, lounge, and café as office components that stimulate, and provide effective places to collaborate and make creative MetaGeek work.

“Our office is like its own little ecosystem. We have the tools available to get the job done, as well as space to relax and recharge.”
–Jay Bowen | Marketing Director, MetaGeek