Rising energy costs and a sincere concern for our natural resources and environment has increased the demand for energy services nationwide. At CTA Architects Engineers, we provide a full range of energy services for all types of facilities, from residential and commercial buildings to educational, medical, governmental and civic institutions.

CTA was contracted by the US Fish and Wildlife Service in Portland to design Photovoltaic systems at nine National wildlife Refuges in Nevada and California. CTA design PV systems that ranged from 2.1 KW to 61 KW and offset utility usage from 44% to 100%. The total KW designed was 182.7KW with an average offset of 84%.

One site, Hooper Mountain NWR is located in the mountains above Los Angeles, California and is completely off the grid. This system has storage batteries and a backup generator. Four projects were constructed in 2010/2011 with last site finished in September 2011

. Most sites were eligible for incentives by the local utility with California having the largest incentive program. CTA acted as liaison between the utilities and USFWS in getting the incentives applied to these sites. The following is a list of the sites with amount of PV and the percent offset to each building.