The Rocky Mountain Arsenal National Wildlife Refuge is located in Commerce City, Colorado, approximately 10 miles northeast of downtown Denver. The Refuge is a former US Army site that encompasses approximately 17,000 acres.
The road network included approximately three and a half miles of new roadway and five and a half miles of rehabilitated roadway for a total of nine miles of new paved surface for use as an all-weather auto tour route. Services included design and construction, including all surveying, geotechnical and hydrologic studies. The scope of work included design of all adjacent ditches, design of culverts transporting storm water below the road surface and the design of two crossings at First Creek: one accomplished with a new bridge and the other using box culverts already on-site. From an environmental and reuse standpoint, the project utilized significant amounts of on-site recycled asphalt and concrete (in excess of 50,000 CY), much from the nearby Stapleton Airport.