The entire Scentsy Inc. campus was designed under a “greenhouse” theme with a goal of “growing healthy employees.” Set inside the six-story office tower, the Scentsy Family Cafe helps provide respite from the workday. Despite being on the lower plaza, the cafe provides ample light and brings the outdoors in; NanaWalls® give way to patio seating and access to the park and amphitheater, and large window wells include waterfalls. The colors are bold, the booths are custom-designed, and the fabric selections are both vibrant and durable, easily wiped down. The cafe currently seats about 300 and was designed to serve nearly 1,000 patrons per hour. A custom oven and service counters at the food stations offer pizza, soup/salad, sandwiches, and other grill-to-order entrees.

The space is all about relaxation with many small seating groups and much attention paid to acoustics, but also about versatility as it can be reconfigured easily, and features an adjacent conference room for working lunches. Enhancing the family vibe, the cafe is also open to the public, to welcome friends and loved ones to dine amongst team members.