Though they currently operate out of two temporarily locations, Stockman Bank’s new six-story, 65,000 sq. ft. building on the corner of Orange and Broadway Streets in downtown Missoula represents the institution’s first permanent facility in the city. It will offer a full complement of services including consumer, commercial, real estate, and agricultural lending. The building’s exterior design is clearly identifiable as part of the Stockman Bank family with three stories of polychrome brick and stone, three stories of glass, and a curving glass lobby wall.

Upon opening, Stockman will occupy the first two floors; the third through fifth floors will be tenant lease space. The sixth floor is a community space featuring a board room, conference room, and social area including a lobby, catering kitchen, and serving areas. It also features a landscaped outdoor terrace with views of downtown Missoula, the University of Montana campus, the Clark Fork River, and surrounding mountains and valleys. Smaller outdoor terraces are also accessed from the fourth and fifth floors. The attached two-story parking structure includes a five-lane drive-up bank on the ground floor and spaces for 130 vehicles.

The environmentally-responsible building is very energy- and resource-efficient, harvesting rainwater for reuse and generating a portion of its electricity through photovoltaics. Highly energy-efficient LED lighting will be used throughout.The HVAC system utilizes an open-loop ground-source heat pump system, passing downtown Missoula’s abundant groundwater through a water-to-water heat pump to heat and cool the building. The groundwater is not consumed; it is merely passed through the system and returned to the aquifer. It is one of the first buildings in Montana to be registered under the more rigorous LEED Version 4 New Construction and Major Renovation rating program, and a high-level LEED certification is anticipated.

This will be the most energy efficient building in Stockman Bank’s portfolio and likely the most energy efficient bank/office building of its size ever completed by CTA.


Construction begins in summer 2015 and is scheduled for completion in summer 2017.