Whole Foods Market –  Arbor Trails in Austin, TX, provided an opportunity for the CTA Retail team to help the client tell the story of how sustainable projects are developed, designed and constructed in their Southwest Region.

Through documentation and tracking in partnership with the Austin Energy Green Build Program, the team was able to demonstrate the measures implemented and the energy savings realized through sustainable design strategies in the development, design and construction of their projects. CTA worked closely with the client to select design measures to achieve maximum building efficiencies and optimum energy savings. An aggressive construction waste management program was utilized and 99% of the demolished material from the project was diverted from the landfill by either recycling or repurposing. Many of the features within the project are constructed of reclaimed or re-purposed materials.

High Performance: Rooftop photovoltaic panels, first stage of heating provided by a refrigerant heat reclaim coil that utilizes waste head from the refrigeration system, low return air duct work system that draws cool air from beneath open refrigerated cases; all of which will lead to an Austin Energy Green Build Star rating and assisted in earning a GreenChill Gold Certification.

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